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"How to Make a Whiteboard Vlog Part 1 - Your Primary Toys"

  Hey everybody, welcome to the Tonal Trends Music blog. Today I’m gonna tell you most everything I know about making a video blog, or Vlog for short. I’m also gonna tell you everything I know about being a ventriloquist!

  OK, let’s start with the gear. The first thing you need is a video recorder, or camcorder. Right now I’m using a:

  -Sony Handycam: $200

  When it comes to Sony Handycams, I was happy to discover that you don’t really need to invest in the more expensive models if your primary use is going to be for video blogging. See, the video and audio quality is the exact same for all Handycams, whether they’re $200 or $800--they’re all 1080 HD and have the same mic with ‘zoom mic’ function, it’s just that the more expensive models have more built-in memory, and more bells and whistles: like digital picture stabilization and other environmental correction features, which you probably won’t need as a Vlogger, at least I don’t need them. The built in memory option’s also not really a good value for vloggers, since a built in memory upgrade of 32 gigs will add around $100 to the price, and just buying a separate 32 gig flash card for the cheaper model only costs $25.

  Also, if you’re going to be working in a studio, you won’t need a lot of storage on your camera because you’ll always be close by your computer, on to which you can upload your files whenever you need more space on the card.

  Next thing you’ll need if you want to do whiteboard blogs is a Whiteboard!

  -48”x36” “Universal” brand Whiteboard: $45

  $45 bucks is a pretty good deal, but I’ve had to be very gentle with this particular item, as I’ve chipped it twice, but that’s all so far, and for what it’s worth, the chips don’t show up in the videos that much. I dunno, you could get a more expensive kind if you wanted.

  Next, I want to brag a little bit about how I mounted it on the wall with this ninja trick of tying some wire across the back of it, and hanging it like a painting from some nails that were already in the wall, so I didn’t need to drill any new holes! Regardless of whether or not you can do that too, or not--make sure to use a level.

  Next, you’ll need to be able to write on the dang thing!

  -Dry erase markers: $10

I like having lots of colors for highlighting different concepts and drawing parallels between ideas; you can get lots of colors by buying the larger $20 packs.

  Next thing you might need, but you might not, is a projector:

  -Optoma “Playtime” Projector: $200

  So yeah, I have really crappy handwriting skills, especially when writing with markers on whiteboards. The solution to this problem for me, has been tracing formatted word files from a projection! I originally tried just doing my video blogs using the projector itself, but unfortunately, the projection shows up in the video with this weird kind of rainbow-fluctuating pulse, that’d really only be useful if I was shooting psychedelic hippie stuff, which I’m not currently doing…so yeah, gotta trace!

  The font I’ve grown to like tracing the best is the “Segeo Print” font, as it’s the closest I could find to the way people write in long-hand. The only drawback is it can be a little…well, long-handed--meaning a bit too wide, so another trick you can use, is taking a printscreen of your template that you want to trace, and then messing with the dimensions of it in a digital image program, any kind will work, even MS Paint.

  Don’t forget you’ll need a cable to connect your projector to your computer.

  -HDMI Cable: $10

And BTW, everything else in these videos come with whatever cables you need…if you were wondering.

  -Okay, If you get a projector you’re also going to need something to put it on. I use a music stand.

  -Manhasset Music Stand: $45

  $45 might seem like a lot for a music stand, but since I use it to support my projector AND to support my laptop it’s worth it.

  And yeah, you’ll need a computer to produce and upload your vlogs. This goes without saying.

  -Computer/Laptop: $400

  -Obviously, more processing power and more memory are better. But keep in mind that you should make sure your specs are all within the same tier. Because all the memory upgrades in the world won’t do you much good if your processor is slow, and vice versa.

  But yeah, get a good stand. You don’t want your hundreds-of-dollar-toys crashing to the ground and breaking because what you put them on was too flimsy.

  Speaking of non flimsy things—this fellow right here, this is a great deal.

  -Vista Explorer Tripod: $25

  I especially love this little leveler and this little clip-off feature, so you don’t have to screw your camcorder back on to the base every time you want to attach it. Just, woop-off--dump the video files, then woop: it’s back on.

  Pretty slick!

  Well, Thanks for watching Part One of “how to make a whiteboard vlog,” and we’ll see you next time for part 2: Audio and Lighting.