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Whiteboard Videos (Newest to Oldest)

Disney Song Stats Part 5 - Chords


Disney Song Stats Part 4 - Song Forms


Disney Song Stats Part 3 - Tempos and Meters


Disney Stats Part 2 - Keys and Modulations


Disney Stats Part 1 - Intro and Melody


The Major Seventh (M7) in Melody


Descending Chromatic Harmonies, Spotted


The 3-7 Tritone Flip in "Uptown Funk"


'Sus' Chords in "FourFiveSeconds", Spotted


Agony - Into the Woods, theory level 10


Chord Types Musicians Use Most - Part 2


Shake It Off - Taylor Swift, theory level 3


Happy - Pharrell Williams, theory level 8


Chordsithenics Key of C - Keyboard Version


Chordisthenics Key of C - Guitar Version


Chord-Totals Musicians Use Most


'Borrowed" Major Four Chord (IV), Spotted


Meter/Time Signature Changes in "Toxicity"


Love Is an Open Door - Frozen, theory level 9


Taylor Swift uses Common Chord Modulations


Double Harmonic Major Scale in 'Misirlou'


Whiteboard Vlog Shooting Part 3 - Extras and Software


Harry Potter and the Steps of Wholehalf Part 1


Minor Five Chord (v), Spotted


"Visions of Johanna" Verse Fun


Whiteboard Vlog Shooting Part 2 - Audio and Lighting


Whiteboard Vlog Shooting Part 1 - Your Primary Toys


BPMS Musicians Use Most


A Horse with No Name - America, theory level 6


Chordisthenics Key of G - Keyboard Version


Chordisthenics Key of G -Guitar Version


Imagine - John Lennon, theory level 5


BPMnemonics - Part 1


Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison, theory level 7


Keys Musicians Use Most - Part 1


Hey Ya! - Outkast, theory level 4


Chords Types Musicians Use Most - Part 1


Chop-a-Beats and Meter Mayhem - Part 1


Tonality Series - Part 1












Intro Videos


BPMnemonics - Intro


Chordisthenics - Intro


Guest Vlogging (Shooters) - Intro


Spots - Intro


Stats - Intro


Smarts - Intro


Syncs - Intro


Tonal Trends - Intro

Vine (Shorts) Video Gardens

Graphs and Charts

Popular Chords Musicians use most transposition chart Popular chords musicians Use Most in roman numeral types, blues/rock, major, and minor Number of Chords used per song BPMs, or Tempos, Musicians Use Most Popular chords musicians Use Most roman numeral types Keys Musicians Use Most

Chords Used Most - Trasnposition Chart

Chords Used Most - All Songs

Chords Used Most - Major/Minor/Blues

Keys Used Most

BPMs Used Most

Total Chords Used Most

Rolling Stone Greatest 500 songs of all time study database Chordisthenics Keyboard Key of G  chord key Chordisthenics Piano Key of C chord key Chordisthenics Guitar Key of G chord key Chordisthenics Guitar key of C chord key

Screenshot of the Database

Chordisthenics Key of C

Chordisthenics Key of G