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    Hi! Welcome to the Spotter Spots Blog

The Idea behind this page is, I wanted to provide myself, and also guest vloggers, with a place to post content that doesn’t need its own five or ten minute long video.  I figure sometimes, you might spot something cool that only needs maybe a minute or two’s explanation, or elaboration, in order to share it.

   I mean, I love getting in-depth with whole songs on the Sync blog, but sometimes--a lot of times--songs only have one or two things about them that’s worth pointing out to people, or worth spotting…and they don’t deserve to be put on the back burner forever.

   So yeah, Think of this page like the snack page, or the ‘Fun Size’ page, or the chicken nugget page…Tonal Nuggets…Tonal Nugget Vlogs.

   Naw I don’t like that, let’s keep it called the Spotter Spots…yeah

   Alright, thanks! Have at it!




"Spotter Spots" Intro Video